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A2016D Spare Replacement Parts

Image for illustrative purposes only, variations may differ.

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2 Identify The Part

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Hover over or tap the image to zoom, or download the full PDF

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Parts show here once you have
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$42.41 (Ex VAT) RA02078 RA02078. Feet Set Of 10 Pieces

$47.00 (Ex VAT) RA02014 RA02014. Top Bend Leg

$42.25 (Ex VAT) RA02015 RA02015. Middle Bend Leg

$39.65 (Ex VAT) RA02016 RA02016. Bottom Bend Leg

$29.73 (Ex VAT) RA02037 RA02037. Spring Cover with cap

$27.54 (Ex VAT) R3,0333 R3,0333. Spring System

$43.95 (Ex VAT) RA02100 RA02100. Collar For Bottom Bend Leg

$42.83 (Ex VAT) RA02098 RA02098. Collar For Middle Bend Leg

$46.78 (Ex VAT) RA02096 RA02096. Collar For Upper Bend Leg

$50.11 (Ex VAT) RA02102 RA02102. Central Pipe For Turtle Base

$34.06 (Ex VAT) RA02194 RA02194. Knob With Threaded Bushing

$9.73 (Ex VAT) R3,0729 R3,0729. Screw and Nut For Leg Collar

$85.41 (Ex VAT) RA02249 RA02249. Steel Pipe 35x387mm with spigot

$14.69 (Ex VAT) RA02009 RA02009. Lock-off Knob - Single

$34.51 (Ex VAT) RA02005 RA02005. Brake Shoe for collar Set 5 Pieces

$49.69 (Ex VAT) RA02004 RA02004. Locking clamp

$110.81 (Ex VAT) RA02237 RA02237. Steel Pipe 25x461 with collar Silver

$31.27 (Ex VAT) RA02002 RA02002. Brake Shoe for collar Set Of 5pc

$37.72 (Ex VAT) RA02223 RA02223. Steel Pipe 30x424mm

4 Accessories